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Jan 11, 08:53 PM

In my rare sparetime I also make some music using guitars, synthesizers and DAWs. Most of it is metal style, feel free to listen on voXager.de.

Our new and first album is out now!
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Beyond The Frontier

We are living in unexpected great times for making your own music at home in a quality that was reserved to expensive and for most of us exclusive music studios. So if you have been thinking of doing it for your own – be it just for fun or with (semi)professional goals – and didn’t start yet you might be lost. There are so many products these days that all claim to help you on your way and the manufacturers and their advertising agencies don’t hesitate to tell you that you need their product for a happy life. Well, some of it you need for sure but what? What do you really need? Have a look on therecordingrevolution.com. This website is a great resource to get started. Register there and you get a pdf called “The #1 Rule of Home Recording” for free. It’s just 16 pages long (as far as I remember) but it to cuts right to the chase of the matter: reduce your options.


l0v3 2 c0d3


If you are interested in C++ and live in Germany, you might want to look at pottcpp.de.

Sven Putze



Swing like a pendulum

Jan 25, 12:24 PM

My zodiac sign could be Gemini because there have always been two hearts beat within my breast. One favors logic and thus computer stuff, the other one is my creative side, mostly bound to music somehow. Those two are opposed characters that don’t show at the same time, just like Dr. Jekyll und Mr. Hyde. For a certain amount of time I stick to the logic side and suddenly I am all into music again. There is no moment of truth or trigger (at least I am not aware of such a thing) but at some point in time the preferences swap and voilá: see you on the other side.

It has happened again. Now.

That means: right now it feels like “music was my first love…” and therefore I will certainly reduce my presence in any form of computer related stuff for some time. I’m not gone, just on the other side.

Sven Putze



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